Stone Meadow Poetry

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you enjoy reading some of my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.



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That sweet quiet time, between just you and me. Softness and warmth. Holding, silent, sleepy. Passions spent. Love renewed. Years later. Here in each others’ arms, again.

That Missing Part of Him

Does she know? Doesn’t she feel it, That piece of him that has gone missing, again? Where does it go, where does he take it and who does he give it to? Does she know? I know. It isn’t lost, I have captured it. I hold that missing part of him. The part that she … Continue reading That Missing Part of Him

The Light of a Million Suns

His hands are weightless, His smile, eternal. His eyes hold all the stars in the universe, the light of a million suns. His energy charges every cell in my body and his love powers and drives my nightly dreams. When he speaks to me, his words feel like a warm soft blanket draped with love over … Continue reading The Light of a Million Suns