Stone Meadow Poetry

Welcome to my new blog. I hope you enjoy reading some of my work as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.



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I Had Forgotten

His words float like jewels in the darkness and quiet of my heart. We live in the warm and soft darkness together, A darkness that is not sad or lonely, but strong and free. I hear my heartbeats echo in the soft darkness that holds us together. A place of emptiness but bursting with truth…

Solitary Seclusion

In self-imposed solitary seclusion the so-called facts are in doubt. It appears the spells have been lifted and forgotten, And life has become merely withstood, Not lived. But why? Why just withstood? Why just survived? Let’s bring back the spells. Believe not in other’s so-called facts But in the universal truth. Surrender to the beauty…

Time Will Tell

Is it really a new beginning? Or just a start to another finish. I suppose it could be a way to a means. Or a means to an ending. Or maybe just an ending to another new beginning… Only time will tell.